vex-at-your-own-risk said: The most important person who needs to tell you you're pretty, is you.

I understand this.  I really do. However…

When I was writing a few years ago, I wrote a long monologue to a friend about self-love.  The line I wrote that stuck out to me, that I didn’t even know lived inside of me was, “I hope someday you know what it truly means to love yourself and I hope you find someone that reminds you when you forget.”  It’s important to see value in who you are, but I’m learning to be okay with asking for reminders from others as well.  

That’s not what that post was entirely.  It wasn’t a cry for help from my Tumblr family…. it wasn’t about body issues.  I’ve had a rough past few days and “cute as hell” is a phrase that makes me smile.  ”Cute” to me is almost like adorable. “You’re worth adoring.” “Chin up.” 

After a long week, what I often want is someone to cook with, curl up to a movie with, and give me a soft place to land, even if it’s only temporary. Someone who will call me cute as hell and kiss my forehead.  Isn’t that what we all want all the time though?  To be heard and valued by ourselves and those around us?

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Anonymous said: I think you're cute as hell & if I was into girls I'd totally be interested. Cheer up babydoll!

haha oh my goodness, now I feel super needy…

I promise, I’m okay! Thank you for the kind words.

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If someone could tell me I’m cute as hell it would drastically change the outcome of my week.

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"We just started talking and that was it. We just kinda never stopped."

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He’s back and he’s killing me with every word.

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Anonymous said: You're cute as hell.. No cuter. The flames of hell quiver in the shadows of your cuteness. Pretty much hella cute.

I read this a dozen times.  This made me smile so much.  Thank you, thank you friend.

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"Your feelings are so valid,
even though you are so much bigger than they are.
A wasp has a tiny sting,
but you still recoil when you see one on your windowsill."

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I’m a stubborn, damn independent woman that can do it all on her own.

*repeats 7 times in the mirror*

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Dylan and Sara


Dylan and Sara

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